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The South Dakota Outdoor Shop opened in the spring of 2019. In the spring of 2020, Bobbi and Jeremy Schmidt bought the shop with the hopes that an owner operated business would be more well suited to the turbulence during the COVID pandemic. And it was! The shop had a great first season, offering a variety of outdoor gear, clothing, and shoes, bike and watercraft rentals, and of course craft beer! Bobbi and Jeremy wanted to put deeper roots down in Custer, so in the Fall of 2021 they purchased a building in downtown Custer. After major renovations in spring 2022, the SoDak Outdoor Shop reopened at 632 Mount Rushmore Rd. 

We are all so stoked for the coming season and to welcome you into our new shop!


We asked our SDOS community some fun questions to share with y’all!
1. What is your favorite hike in the Black Hills?
2. What is your favorite craft beer/seltzer/beverage?
3. What is a hobby/interesting fact about yourself?

Bobbi & Jeremy Schmidt

Grant Van Vleet
1. Lost Cabin Trail
2. Bruce Banner
3. Sewing, Cooking, and Climbing

Bears Berres
1. Cathedral Spires Trail
2. Mas Agave Seltzer – Grapefruit!
3. Climbing, Weaving Baskets

Dylan Metz
1. Black Elk #9 South
2. Rainier
3. Hiking and Mountain Biking

Lindsay Percival
1. Horsethief Lake Trail #14
2. Lost Cabin So Dank IPA
3. Once spent a week sailing through the British Virgin Islands on an eight person vessel (as a crew member, not the captain.) 🙂

Lauren Metz
1. Sylvan Lake Trail
2. Scotch or Rum
3. I do and instruct Lyra Arial Arts


1. Sunday Gulch Trail
2. Hay Camp Brewing – Czech Please
3. I have two dogs, a cat and a horse. They are all rescues and are truly my entire world. I am also an artist and mostly express myself through painting. I love to read, get outdoors, connect to nature, hang with friends & simply enjoy life.


Micah & Waylin

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